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Jovian Apparel

Jovian Apparel
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 Baby Yumi | Light Brown -30%
 Baby Yumi | Light Brown- This Baby Yumi Kurung caters a good comfy wear during the festiv..
MYR340.00 MYR238.00 Ex Tax: MYR238.00
 Baby Zaiton | Jet Black -30%
 Baby Zaiton | Jet Black- Zaiton is modest and elegant! This modern baju kurung with its b..
MYR300.00 MYR210.00 Ex Tax: MYR210.00
 Dhiya | Bluish Green -10%
 Dhiya | Bluish Green- Boasting the alluring and traditional vibes catered from the Batik ..
MYR500.00 MYR450.00 Ex Tax: MYR450.00
 Eichiro | Peach Pink -50%
 Eichiro | Peach Pink - Imbued with embellishments on the sleeves, she is made to boost the cla..
MYR525.00 MYR262.50 Ex Tax: MYR262.50
 Eishi | Plum Purple -50%
 Eishi | Plum Purple - Baju kurungs will never go out of style during festive seasons as E..
MYR633.00 MYR316.50 Ex Tax: MYR316.50
 Eizuka | Silver Grey -50%
 Eizuka | Silver Grey - Eizuka is a glamorous brocade modern dress blessed with gorgeous embeli..
MYR595.00 MYR297.50 Ex Tax: MYR297.50
 Emiko | Dusty Pink -50%
 Emiko | Dusty Pink - Emiko is a modern kimono kebaya with body straps. She brings you a poppin..
MYR560.00 MYR280.00 Ex Tax: MYR280.00
 Emishi | Lime Green -50%
 Emishi | Lime Green - You can always showcase your modesty even in a Japanese looking outfit, ..
MYR560.00 MYR280.00 Ex Tax: MYR280.00
 Enina | Red Pink - The stunning Enina combines both modern and traditional substance of a kimo..
MYR539.00 Ex Tax: MYR539.00
 Enzo | Midnight Blue -50%
 Enzo | Midnight Blue - The culture of Japanese is immersed into Enzo and it turned her into a ..
MYR520.00 MYR260.00 Ex Tax: MYR260.00