Story of Femininity : The Launching of Selendang Daiyan by Jovian

Story of Femininity : The Launching of Selendang Daiyan by Jovian

On the auspicious 18th of March 2023, a launch event was held exulting the release of Selendang Daiyan by Jovian. A gathering of Daiyan Trisha's loved ones, acquaintances, and KOLs joined to revel in this momentous occasion at our lovely Jovian Store Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

During the launch, Daiyan spoke of her inspiration to collaborate with our one and only, Dato' Jovian Mandagie. She imparted that her personal journey of growth and self-improvement impelled the creation of this Selendang.

Selendang Daiyan by Jovian embodies her essence; feminine, elegant, and beautiful. Daiyan revealed that the intricate details and refined design of the Selendang mirror her own persona and flair. The Selendang is beyond a mere fashion accessory, it epitomizes individuality and gracefulness.

The names of Selendang Daiyan by Jovian are Langit and Ingat. These names were inspired by her own songs. Langit means 'sky' representing the boundless sky above us. They serve as a reminder to always aspire high and pursue your dreams. "Langit" signifies to remember and "Ingat" prompt to never forget your roots and the people who have supported you throughout your journey. 

The launch event was an awe-inspiring triumph, with guests captivated by the charm and elegance of the Selendang Daiyan by Jovian. It was a significant milestone in Daiyan's personal and professional expedition. 

This collaboration with Jovian is destined to be a revolutionary force in the fashion industry, especially during festive season, and we are eager to witness what the future holds for this gifted artist.

Selendang Daiyan by Jovian is truly a symbol of hope, for the women who are on their own personal journey towards improvement.

As Daiyan Trisha herself proclaimed:
For the women who are classy and filled with grace.
For the women who have kindness on her face.
For the women who are effortlessly flying.
And most of all, for the women who are trying🤍