Job Description

• To take brand ownership and follow the vision, mission,
goals and strategies that the company has set, while having to align them with the brand direction.

• To assist day-to-day operation and work-in-progress in regard to supply chain management and distribution for all consignment plan or outright purchase plan with third party company.

• To assist on preparing documents for procurement, vendor
registration, line sheet, quotation, invoices, delivery to partner’s distribute on center and other required documentations.

• To adhere on all quality standards and processes as required by the partner and submission of tender or contract documents.

• To attend required meetings, tender briefings or training
as of required.

• To correspond with related supplier on stock delivery and
replenishment plan.

• To establish well working coordination and communication between the related departments for operational excellence.

• To manage the maintenance of equipment and machinery as provided by the company where is necessary.