Job Description

  • To take brand ownership and follow the vision, mission,
    goals and strategies that the company has set, while having to align them with the department’s objectives.
  • To produce and ensure that all assigned works are original, non-plagiarized, and creatively unique to carry the brand’s mission and vision.
  • To design and produce motion graphic material, 2D/3D models, illustrations and animation based on the given guideline and approved concept for the use of:

➢ Social media artworks

➢ Key visual for communication

➢ Marketing / event collateral

➢ Product launch artworks

➢ Promotional artworks

➢ Other marketing contents as of required

  • To work closely with Marketing Team on social media direction and marketing campaign direction as to support Monthly Marketing Plan
  • To retain approval by the General Manager/HOD for concept submission and finalwork.
  • To provide daily progress report to the respective HOD while ensuring the completion of work is on time.
  • To be able to do design manipulation, edit special effects and visual elements while keeping the work original.
  • To fully liaise with reliable printing suppliers for any
    printed materials related whileensuring cost effective
    and timely delivery based on the submission date.
  • To discuss with the HOD regarding any produced visuals should there be any technical amendment, editing, and reconstruction while managing the process and the use of the produced visual properly.
  • To carry out in-depth research on the latest trends in the market that is innovative,fresh, and unique that can be implemented to the company.
  • To ensure that all type of work that is being produced
    from time to time is fully kept o na proper filing system with labelling whether in a soft copy or hard copy version.
  • To ensure that all artwork designs are well documented, filed properly, and keptprivate and confidential at all times
  • To be responsible to work on all related graphic scope for any type of project that is assigned by General Manager for any designated company that falls under the directorship of Jovian Mandagie from time to time