Jovian | Puristic in Grey

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What if we told you that there was a magic wand that could sterilise up to 99.9% of bacteria and airborne viruses in the air around you? And what if we told you that you could get your hands on that magic wand right here at Jovian? Introducing the new Puristic by Jovian, a portable sterilising device that contains chlorine dioxide which releases small gas particles into the air to create a clean and safe environment. This product is KKM-certified and is non-toxic

How to use

- Unwrap Jovian Puristic ampoule from packaging and remove its Jovian fabric case

- Gently snap the ampoule until it makes a sound
- Once activated, content should turn yellow in colour

- Insert ampoule back into the Jovian fabric case and hang it around your neck

- Dispose as waste when colour turns back to white


- Keep away from children
- Avoid inhaling excessively
- Do not use in high temperature environment
- Avoid shock or intentional pressure to the body
- Avoid direct contact with clothing in case of leakage 


- 99.9% sterillisation of harmful bacteria such as influenza, norovirus, salmonella, coronavirus, super bacteria (MRSA), and Listeria sealed in a small package sold as the disinfectant approved by KKM