Jovian x AEON KF94 Nusantara Mask Earloop

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Nusantara, is a collection inspired by the women of the Nusantara islands. Rich in culture and tradition, the Nusantara woman is strong yet graceful and the epitome of beauty. We dive deep into the Nusantara heritage and put our own interpretation into the designs by injecting a modern twist by combining traditional batik motifs with abstract prints. Silhouettes are also a combination of traditional silhouettes with a modern touch which includes, kebaya, long kurungs, baju kedah and dresses. Detailings include crystal and pearl-encrusted buttons reminiscent of kerongsangs and embroidery evoking vintage kebaya from a bygone era.



- Acne Free KF94 mask with stretchable earloop

- Box of 10 pieces individually wrapped mask in baby pink and sage green

- With custom emboss 'Jovian' logo

- Pattern placement print may vary

- Size: (W) 20.6cm x (H) 16cm & Loop: 17cm


- Polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabric

- Outer Layer has 40gsm of fabric thickness and it is a Non-Medical Grade mask

- Inner Layer: Hydrophobic Function Polypropylene (PP) Spun-bond NonWoven Material,

- Middle Layer: Static Filtration Meltblown Non-Woven Material Barrier against virus, bacteria & airborne particles,

- Outer Layer: Hydrophobic Protection Polypropylene (PP) Spun-bond NonWoven Material Repels water and harmful biofluids

Technical Specifications

- Particulate Matter (PM) Rating PM 0.1

- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ≥ 99%

- Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) ≥ 99%

- Mode of Attachment headloop

- Usage Disposable Single Use

Care Instruction

- Room temperature

- Avoid direct sunlight

- With 2 years of life span

Packaging 10 pieces of KF94 Nusantara Mask Earloop


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