Hey, Jovianista! We see you’re interested in joining our Dropship Program, and we’re stoked! To become a Jovian Dropshipper, all you need to follow is a few simple steps, let’s walk you through it!

Step One

Drop us an email at [email protected] telling us all about yourself (bonus points if you have wide experience in all things dropshipping or shopping for others!) and provide these details:

- Full name


- Company Name

- Address

- Reg No (if any)

- Instagram Account

- Shop Name

- Your Best Selling Product

- Area

Step Two

Give us 2-3 days to vet through your application and we will send you a follow-up e-mail on the status of your application! At this point, you will either be given the green light to join our Dropship team or your application will be kept in our KIV list depending on the quota of our current batch of Dropshippers.

However, being in our KIV list does not mean that your application is denied. We will be keeping your application on a close lookout if we do have space to welcome you to our team!

Step Three

If you got the green light as mentioned in step two, you are now ready for the next step! All you will need to do is pay an admission fee of RM49 to gain access to all the great benefits of becoming a dropshipper as well as training from time to time.

Step Four

Once you have paid the admission fee, you will be receiving a follow-up e-mail including a detailed step-by-step video on how to get started with the program. 

Now that you understand how it works, drop us an e-mail at dropshi[email protected] and join us today!